Japanese Government Scholarship (Undergraduate Students)


Japanese Government

Students wishing to pursue undergraduate studies in the following, Social Sciences: Economics, Law, Politics, Pedagogy, Sociology, Literature, History, Business Administration and Japanese language; Sciences: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Electronics, Electrical Engineering, Information Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Naval Architecture, Civil Engineering, Architecture, Environmental Engineering, Applied Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Industrial Chemistry, Textile Engineering, Metallurgical Engineering, Mining Engineering, Maritime Engineering, Biotechnology. Agriculture, Agricultural Chemistry, Agricultural Engineering, Animal Science, Veterinary Medicine, Forestry, Food Science, Fisheries, Hygienic studies Pharmacy, Hygienics, Nursing, and Biology; Medicine, and Dentistry.
Bursary Fields

Agriculture, Engineering, Medical, Science, Social Sciences
Who Can Apply

Applicants must have the nationality of a country which has diplomatic relations with the Japanese government. Applicants generally must have been born between April 2, 1993 and April 1, 1998. Applicants must either have completed a 12-year regular course of school education or have graduated from a school equivalent to an upper secondary school in Japan. Applicants must be willing to learn the Japanese language and deepen their understanding on Japan. In addition, in general, applicants must be willing to receive college education in Japanese.

Bursary Levels

Year 12

(1) Fees: Fees for the entrance examination, matriculation and tuition at universities will be paid by the Japanese Government. (2) Allowance: Each grantee will be provided monthly with 117,000 yen. An additional monthly stipend of 2,000 or 3,000 yen may be provided to those undertaking study or research in specially designated regions. However, the amount of allowance will be subject to change, however depending upon the annual budget for each year. The scholarship will not be paid to a grantee who takes a leave of absence or is long absent from the assigned university or the preparatory Japanese-teaching institution.

Scholarship awards will be tenable for five years from April 2015 to March 2020, including one-year preparatory education in the Japanese language and other subjects due to be provided upon arrival in Japan. For scholarship grantees majoring in medicine,
Closing Date

10 June 2018
Contact Details

Cultural Section in Embassy of Japan, 259 Baines Street, Groenkloof, Pretoria, 0181
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