Advertising Accounts Executive

Advertising accounts executives are involved in devising and coordinating advertising campaigns, which are created to inform consumers of the merits of purchasing particular products or services.

Advertising accounts executives may carry out the following tasks: discuss with clients and other sources the products to be advertised and obtain relevant information from clients, such as product and company details, budget and marketing goals and marketing research; brief other specialists in the agency (such as creative team media planners and researchers) on client requirements, to develop the details of a campaign; present draft campaign suggestions to clients along with a summary of the expenditure involved and negotiate and arrange for modifications if required; supervise and coordinate the work of the relevant production departments so that the campaign is developed as planned to meet deadlines and budget requirements; liaise with the client throughout the project and deal with problems as they arise; and assist the client with marketing strategies.

Advertising accounts executives usually work as part of a team. They work in close consultation with their clients. Their work is usually carried out under pressure created by the need to compete for clients’ accounts and meet their requirements within strict deadlines.

Work is usually confined to metropolitan areas, as the advertising and promotions industry must have direct access to the major business districts, associated industry groups and media.


  • advertising agencies

  • in-house marketing departments of large firms

  • production companies

  • design studios

  • research companies

  • media owners, i.e. radio stations, newspapers, etc..

  • self employment - with the necessary knowledge and experience, you can work on your own

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