Art Teacher

Art teachers help students to develop the knowledge, skills and understanding necessary to work in various fields of art, including drawing, sketching, painting in various mediums, papier maché, pottery and working with clay, craft work, model building, etc. 

Art teachers work in schools, universities of technology, universities and colleges, and plan lessons according to curricula. They prepare and assign class projects and evaluate the progress of students. They may organise trips to art museums or exhibitions and may also arrange exhibitions.

Art teachers at schools are required to attend staff meetings and other school functions and may be required to teach another school subject in addition to art.

Since art teachers work in different school systems, they may have a variety of work settings. Those who teach in poorer school systems may not have the equipment and facilities found in wealthier systems. Art teachers often work outside the classroom so their students can study nature or other environments.

For motre detailed information see occupation: Artist, Finishing Artist and Art Teacher


  • public and private school systems

  • universities, universities of technology and colleges

  • self-employed, with own studio and students or doing freelance work

Where to Study

Papua New Guinea
University of Goroka

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