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To apply for either the Pure Merit Bursary or the Merit Bursary with Financial Needs, you must meet the following criteria: You must be studying a SAICA recognised degree at a SAICA recognised university or other tertiary education institution. You must be studying full time. You must be completing your degree in the minimum number of years, ie you may not split a one year course over two years Students must achieve an academic average of 65% (60% for 3rd year and 50% for CTA) for Financial Accounting and must obtain a total average of 65% (60% for 3rd year and 55% for CTA) for the four major subjects (Financial Accounting, Management Accounting, Auditing, Tax). The bursary is awarded on condition that the student maintains his or her academic achievements throughout the period of study.
Bursary Fields

Auditing, Chartered Accounting
Who Can Apply

KPMG offer two unique bursary opportunities for students studying towards becoming SAICA accredited Chartered Accountants, or CAs(SA). If you are unable to attend university without significant financial support, apply for the Merit Bursary with Financial Needs which is awarded based on both your academic results and your financial position.

Bursary Levels

Service Contract

Compulsory vacation work (1 per annum) and 3 years for articles on completion of study.
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KPMG Crescent, 85 Empire Road, Parktown, 2193
(011) 647-7111
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