Training Consultant

Training consultants prepare and conduct training programmes for employees in industrial, commercial or government departments.

They meet with management and study job operations to learn the demands of the actual work situations of the employees to be trained. They may conduct a training needs analysis. They select suitable teaching aids such as handbooks, demonstration models and visual aids, and schedule training sessions.

Training consultants also conduct specialised training sessions on-the-job training and learnership programmes. They test trainees to measure progress and sometimes advise them on further study at a university of technology or university.

Working conditions are pleasant. Most offices are comfortably and tastefully decorated. Training may take place in areas containing equipment that is very large, such as on assembly lines.


  • government departments

  • local authorities

  • mining companies

  • commerce

  • industry

Where to Study

Trinidad and Tobago
Caribbean Nazarene College
Papua New Guinea
University of Goroka

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