Reflexology is a branch of holistic medicine which is based on the principle that every part of the body corresponds to reflexes in the feet and that working on the feet in a specific way can help to heal those parts of the body. It is believed that disease is caused by the body being constantly exposed to stress which gradually erodes the immune system.

Thus reflexologists aim at reducing stress, thus enabling the body to heal itself naturally. Circulation and the supply of nutrients and oxygen to the cells improve when the body is in a state of relaxation. Reflexologists, in keeping with the holistic approach to healing, combine this special treatment with advice on nutrition, exercise and positive thinking.

Reflexology is not regarded as a replacement for medical treatment, but as a supplementary maintenance therapy.

Reflexology is a personally satisfying career and is a form of treatment which has become popular in recent times, but the material rewards are not good. Many holistic medicine practitioners practise reflexology in conjunction with other forms of natural healing, such as osteopathy, homoeopathy, chiropractic or aromatherapy. A reflexologist starting out needs to either start up a private practice or join an existing practice.


  • health and beauty salons

  • health spas and hydros

  • reflexologists in practice already

  • self-employment, with own practice

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