Pest Control Operator

Pest control operators protect people and property from rats, mice, common household insects such as flies and cockroaches, termites, mosquitoes etc. They might also inspect premises such as restaurants, hotels, food stores, hospitals and homes.

The work of pest control operators entails identifying pests that are causing problems and determining how to control them.

Pest control operators measure rooms to estimate how much pesticide to use and how much it will cost. In some cases, they cut openings into buildings to get to infested areas. They release poisonous gas through hoses and they set traps. Where necessary, they bore holes in walls and concrete around the perimeter of buildings to inject chemicals to kill termites; place poisonous bait in stormwater drains to kill rats; and spray chemicals in drainage ditches to kill mosquitoes.


  • pest control firms

  • government departments

  • provincial administrations

  • municipalities

  • self-employment, with enough experience, capital and initiative, can set up own business

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