Instrument Mechanician

An instrument mechanician manufactures and repairs instruments and recalibrates old instruments. The instrument mechanician plays a vital role in ensuring that automatic processes and plant systems operate correctly and efficiently.

The control of nearly all manufacturing processes depends on instruments that may be electrical, mechanical or hydraulic, which are responsible for measuring the pressure, temperature, position, level, mass or flow of solids, fluids and gases. Should the plant processes not operate according to specifications, the instrument mechanician diagnoses the fault and carry out repairs as quickly as possible.

Instrument mechanicians are trained to design, manufacture and repair almost any kind of instrument, whether electrical, mechanical, hydraulic, chemical or optical. To design specific research instruments, these mechanicians work according to sketches and instructions from scientists and engineers.


  • Telkom

  • Transnet and South African Airways

  • mechanical, electrical and chemical engineering concerns

  • electrical precision tool manufacturing industries

  • heavy engineering industry

  • iron and steel producers and the non-ferrous steel industry

  • such organisations as: Sasol, Mittal Steel, Eskom, CSIR

  • municipalities

  • self-employment, working independently on a contract basis

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