Emergency Care Technologist

Emergency care technologists give immediate emergency care to sick or injured persons. They try to resuscitate and stabilize patients and prevent further injuries.

They drive in specially equipped vehicles to the scene of emergencies. As and when necessary, they will request additional help from the police or fire department. At an emergency scene they make quick assessments of patients and give appropriate treatment. Procedures may include:

  • opening airways

  • restoring breathing

  • controlling bleeding

  • treating for shock

  • administering oxygen

  • immobilising fractures

  • assisting in childbirth

  • managing emotionally disturbed patients

  • treating and assisting heart attack victims

Emergency care technologists work indoors and outdoors in all types of weather. Much of their time is spend kneeling, standing, bending and lifting. They are also exposed to diseases such as AIDS and Hepatitis-B, as well as violence.


  • provincial and private ambulance and emergency services

  • local authorities

  • civil defence units

  • the mining industry

  • private emergency evacuation services

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