Doubles stand in usually for film actors during rehearsals and when close-up filming is not necessary, or they might have to play two roles. Actors communicate with and entertain people through the interpretation of dramatic roles.

Many actors struggle to become established and very few are recognised. Most take whatever parts they can get, even if these are small supporting roles. Many actors prefer a specific type of role, for example drama, comedy or action.

Sometimes movie directors do not have enough money to afford a double for an actor in, for instance, a movie about twins. The actor will then be asked to play both parts.

Doubles are also hired in action movies when difficult shots are filmed or stunts performed. The double or stunt master will then take the place of the actor in that part of the movie where, for example, the actor has to fall off a high building or jump out of an exploding car.

Another type of role for a ‘double’ is when he is required to dress like a certain actor and imitate the star with all the same mannerisms and gestures.


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