Dealer in Oriental Carpets

Eastern carpets today are much sought after items, and within reach of most people. Hand-knotted carpets come from a very wide area, which makes it impossible to determine exactly where each carpet comes from.

Oriental carpet dealers purchase carpets from all over the world and then sell them again. Buyers also purchase the carpets directly from suppliers from all over the world. The carpets may be stored for a while before being resold.

Carpet dealers need to advise buyers on the proper care of carpets and thus need to know a lot about the carpets they sell. Oriental carpet dealers often travel extensively, in search of carpets to buy. They need to have a good eye for colour, design and texture.

There are several factors that influence the price of a carpet. Buyers examine the quality of the carpet, as well as the colouring agents that were used. The pattern, number of knots, fineness and evenness of the carpet are other factors which have an influence. Many different types of carpets can be purchased such as Persian or Iranian carpets, Caucasian carpets, Chinese carpets, Anatolian carpets, etc..


  • carpet dealers

  • self-employment, with enough experience and capital, can start own business

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