Body Make-Up Artist

Body make-up artists use oils, watercolours and other materials to paint people's bodies. They are usually classified as commercial artists, rather than fine artists, because they do not choose their own theme or subject matter in most cases.

Body painting dates back many years to when the Indians and other tribes used paint on their bodies and horses when preparing for battle. Today, body painting is done for various purposes, such as advertising or for museums.

For wax museums, body make-up artists make wax statues which look as much like living human beings as possible. These artists use line, colour, space and other elements to obtain the desired effects.

Body make-up artists need to have good business management skills if they intend to support themselves financially. Most body artists work part-time and have an additional source of income, such as teaching art in their own studios or doing graphic design work on a free-lance basis.


  • art museums

  • wax museums

  • self-employment

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