Armoured Car Escort

The main responsibility of armoured-car escorts or guards is to transport cash and valuables and guard this load during transit. 

The guards drive armoured vans or trucks, wear bullet proof vests and carry firearms to ensure security.  They collect the moneybags, receipts, the daily guide sheet and schedule from the vault worker, load these bags of cash and valuables such as jewellery, precious metals and expensive artworks, into the armoured-cars at banks and premises of other customers and issue receipts.  Some guards stand at the ready while the valuables are loaded and unloaded at predetermined destinations and they guard loads while they are in transit to prevent theft.  One or more guards generally assist the drivers of armoured-cars. 

Guards make pick-ups at ATM machines and businesses and drop off at banks.  Armoured messengers usually ride as passengers in the trucks and use radio communication to talk to the dispatchers and other drivers on the crew, directing the armoured vehicle drivers during scheduled runs and making the actual deliveries and pickups when the truck reaches its destination.  The armoured guards also provide security for the armoured messengers, who pick up and drop off the cargo once the driver reaches his location.  Drivers may follow or lead the messenger into the business or bank while he hands over the cargo to another individual. 

Drivers keep detailed records to document their deliveries and pickups - they record the information, such as the number of items received, the destination, the contents of the packages and the delivery time at the scheduled stops, on the daily guide sheet.  Moneybags, receipts, the daily guide sheet, the change box and money are deposited with the cashiering department.


  • security companies, specialising in the protection of assets in transit

  • banks and building societies

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