Primedia Group Staff Bursary Programme



The Primedia Foundation awards a number of bursaries to deserving candidates. A number of employees’ children are also awarded bursaries through the Primedia Foundation. The bursaries allow the children to study at a recognised tertiary institution from their first year of study for a period of up to three years, depending on their chosen field of study.
Who Can Apply

The selection criteria for this programme include financial need and the applicant’s academic record. The applicant is also expected to become a leader in his or her chosen professional field. Funding of the applicant is reviewed annually.

Bursary Levels

Undergraduates, Year 12

Up to 3 years, depending on field of study.
Contact Details

6th Floor Primedia Place 5 Gwen Lane Sandown 2196 South Africa
(011) 506-3000