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PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC)

PwC offers a training contract is usually a learnership contract for three years; this will also depend on your qualifications when you join the firm. PwC look for candidates who have achieved consistent passes at University and who perform well in all areas of their lives. Your application will be strengthened by evidence of several important personal characteristics: your self-confidence, effective communication skills, a teamwork orientation, and independent thinking and active leadership.
Bursary Fields

Accounting, Actuarial Science, Computer Science, Finance
Who Can Apply

There is a place for you in PwC Advisory if you are studying towards, or have successfully completed, your undergraduate and/or postgraduate studies in any of the following degrees. BSc IT/ Computer Science BSc IS/ Information Systems BCom IT/ Informatics Actuarial Science/Mathematics Engineering Management Accounting Management

Bursary Levels


The value of the bursary will vary depending on evidence that you cannot afford the full costs.
Service Contract

If you are awarded a bursary, you will have to work on a training contract with PwC when you complete your studies.
Contact Details

2 Eglin Road, Sunninghill, 2157, South Africa
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