Goldfields Bursary Scheme


Gold Fields

Diplomas in: • Mining Engineering • Extraction Metallurgy • Chemical Engineering • Mine Survey • Mechanical Engineering • Electrical Engineering (Heavy Current and Light Current)
Bursary Fields

Engineering - Chemical, Engineering - Electrical, Engineering - Mechanical, Engineering - Metallurgical, Engineering - Mining
Who Can Apply

Bursaries will only currently be considered for the following degrees: BSc Mining Engineering BSc Mechanical Engineering BSc Electrical Engineering BSc Metallurgical Engineering BSc Geology Honours * BSc Chemical Engineering.

Bursary Levels

Year 12

The value of the bursary is reviewed on an annual basis and is at the discretion of GFL. It normally covers (but does not exceed) the cost of the following: (1) Institute of technology registration and tuition fees (which will differ across institutes of technology). (2) A living-out allowance, which is paid to the Bursar for each semester at institute of technology. This allowance contributes towards the cost of residence fees or other accommodation.

1 year renewable
Service Contract

A year for each year of study.
Closing Date

30 June 2018
Contact Details

The Bursary Administrator, Gold Fields Business and Leadership Academy, Private Bag X11, WESTONARIA 1780

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